Who We Are


Cure Glaucoma Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.

We fund transformational research, disseminate knowledge, and perform global patient outreach. Through these efforts, and in partnership with others, CGF has positioned itself to be at the forefront in the fight against glaucoma


The Cure Glaucoma Foundation was founded by doctors from Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) in 2014. The Board and leadership have expanded to include physicians and professionals from various public and private sectors locally and throughout the US.


The activities of Cure Glaucoma Foundation are overseen by a Board of Directors.  There is also an Advisory Board, whose members are not directly involved in the management of CGF’s activities, but who support some of the specific mission and objectives of CGF.



  • Physicians and Researchers are working to discover advanced treatments and a cure for glaucoma.
  • Several unique research initiatives and partnerships are underway or in development.
  • Support from patients and volunteers has made success closer than ever.
  • Cure Glaucoma Foundation awards grants based on the merit of the proposal and on the alignment of the research objectives with those of CGF.

Global Outreach

CGF sponsors Medical Mission Trips to provide care for patients in underserved countries. In addition, CGF has created two fellowship programs aimed at enriching the expertise of ophthalmologists who specialize in practicing glaucoma treatment worldwide.

  • Medical Missions Trips – Cure Glaucoma Foundation partners with US ophthalmologists and international organizations to provide advanced eye care for patients as well as perform complex glaucoma surgeries in underserved countries.  Patient care begins with consultation in the morning and scheduling of surgery in the afternoon. Local physicians assist in the surgeries alongside the US medical team and benefit from the training and exposure to new procedures.  The surgeries include glaucoma tube shunts, trabeculectomies, trabeculectomies and gonioscopy assisted Transluminal Trabeculotomy (GATT).
  • International Fellowships – CGF will provide housing and travel support to physicians and interns from outside the United States who visit a preapproved glaucoma practice within the U.S. to learn the latest clinical and surgical techniques used to treat glaucoma.
  • Train the Trainer – CGF sponsors specialists who visit underdeveloped countries, providing glaucoma treatment and surgeries, while training local physicians in those countries to provide these same services. Cure Glaucoma Foundation also aids in obtaining the needed supplies to ensure the successful completion of these activities.
  • Glaucoma Drainage Device (GDD) Implant Program – This program is designed to teach qualified ophthalmologists in Africa and Asia how to implant the GDD drain and, within 18 months, they will in turn train another physician in their resident country how to do the same.  By this process CGF will greatly expand access to effective glaucoma therapy for many people.


Access to Care

  • The purpose of the Access to Care Program is to reduce blindness from glaucoma by addressing the needs of glaucoma patients who have limited access to care or financial resources.
  • The Access to Care resources page will provide links to domestic and international programs that offer eye exams, medical, surgical, and postoperative clinical care necessary to prevent disease progression and blindness.  There are also links to occupational support programs.