Pioneering Research

At Cure Glaucoma, we are dedicated to pioneering research for the cure and treatment of Glaucoma. Here is one of the most recent research projects that Cure Glaucoma has been involved with…

Finding the Cause – Glaucoma Associates of Texas and North Texas Eye Research Institute Research

What actually causes glaucoma?

Why do some patients who have undergone trabeculectomy fare better than others?

In order to answer these questions and more, the Cure Glaucoma Foundation recently funded a study with Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) and North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI).

GAT is a glaucoma practice dedicated to preventing blindness from glaucoma and simultaneously is an integral part of the Cure Glaucoma Foundation.

NTERI is a top-notch ophthalmic research institute out of the North Texas Science Center with the capability to evaluate the molecular components of the eye, especially in reference to glaucoma and the healing of wounds related to glaucoma surgical procedures.

The Study

In essence this study – headed up by Dr. Ron Fellman and in conjunction with the researchers at NTERI – will explore the specific factors and molecules related to the causes of glaucoma, along with wound healing associated with glaucoma surgery.

This joint research project between GAT and NTERI has the opportunity to create a unique blend of scientific and clinical skills in order to solve the puzzle of glaucoma and at the same time, potentially afford better wound healing associated with glaucoma procedures, thereby increasing the success of glaucoma surgery.

Bridging the Gap

This study is an extremely exciting prospect, which may help to bridge the gap in areas where research is deficient in the science of glaucoma and its treatments. The Cure Glaucoma Foundation is fortunate to have the opportunity to combine the knowledge of the amazing doctors at GAT with the dedication of the award winning researchers at NTERI in this endeavor, and looks forward to major medical advancements in the field of glaucoma in the near future.

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