Chris Brown

Chris Brown is 54 years old and was born with Rubella. Since birth, Chris has dealt with tremendous visual and auditory challenges. His mother, Renita, raised him and, to this day, continues to support and aid Chris in his daily life. She knew from the time he was born that she would be in his world throughout life as much as he would be in hers.

As a child, Renita was fascinated by the Helen Keller story and the book The Miracle Worker. Little did she know that her fascination with that story would play out in a form where she taught her son sign language and alternate ways of communicating.

Renita has always researched resources that could help Chris. When he was just a toddler, Chris started school at Callier Hearing and Speech Center in Dallas. Renita was so pleased he would be able to have some form of education. Chris was very blessed throughout his education to have teachers who cared deeply about his wellbeing. He attended Callier for a couple of years and then went to Stonewall Jackson, ultimately graduating from Hillcrest High School.

While in school, Chris was in special education and was able to gain experience interacting with other students. He is a very social individual and is extremely organized. When he was young, Chris worked at Central Market as sacker. He is very much a people person and enjoys being around others. His mom says that Chris has a very caring heart. If she tells him that someone they know isn’t feeling well, he offers suggestions for things that can be offered like flowers or a card.

At one point during his youth, Chris’s pediatric ophthalmologist referred him to Glaucoma Associates of Texas. After reviewing his case and determining that he might benefit from a new treatment, Dr. Fellman, one of his physicians at GAT, recommended a Molteno implant in order to stabilize Chris’s pressure. That procedure was successful at the time and made a huge difference in stabilizing his pressure.

When asked what Chris would say to someone diagnosed with the same or similar medical issues, Renita said that he would encourage them to make the best of the situation and let them know there are people out there who are very nice and helpful. He would always encourage them to ask for help.

Chris enjoys watching wrestling. He likes to help in the kitchen and assists his mom in baking cakes and pies.

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Meet Chris & Renita Brown

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