Cary Griffin

Cary Griffin was born in California on October 15, 1943, during World War II. When he was three months old, Cary’s grandmother noticed that something seemed to be wrong with Cary’s eyes. They reached out to a military doctor in the Los Angeles area who diagnosed Cary with glaucoma in his right eye.

Little was known about glaucoma back then and it was believed that the disease could spread to the other eye, so the doctor decided to remove Cary’s right eye. Doctors later determined that Cary’s mother, Gene, had contracted German Measles while pregnant and that this was the likely the cause of a deformity that led to Cary’s glaucoma. Three months later, Cary’s left eye started showing signs of glaucoma and doctors focused on saving his remaining sight.

Cary underwent multiple procedures between 1943 and 1950. In 1956, he had an operation that brought his intraocular pressure down significantly. He was fortunate not to need any additional surgeries for more than 16 years, which took him through high school and college.

On August 22, 1970, Cary was married to a girl from Texas named Judy. Cary was searching for a profession in which he could be his own boss and found his career in journalism in Forney, Texas. Cary owned and edited the local newspaper, The Forney Messenger, for 45 years.

In recent years, Cary has had 10 cornea replacements and multiple retina surgeries. The sight in his left eye has been successfully preserved and he has been able to accomplish everything that he ever desired. He credits his wife’s family with plenty of support and encouragement over the years.

Cary’s parents were both members of the Lion’s Club in Glendale, CA and he is a charter member of the Forney Lion’s Club. The Lion’s Club charities support programs to improve quality of life for the visually impaired.

Currently, Cary is dealing with an eye infection that has clouded his cornea and caused a loss of vision. However, if the eye stabilizes, doctors believe his vision may return partially. His eye pressure remains good and his eye is otherwise healthy.

Judy and Cary believe that you can have the best doctors in the world, but you will only benefit if their instructions are followed. Cary has had a good life because he has always taken the medications he was prescribed and followed his doctor’s orders.

Cary recently applied for a program through the Texas Workforce Commission that will help him learn to be more independent. He hopes to be taught how to use a mobility stick to assist with his current vision impairment. Cary enjoys listening to audio books and has been acquiring them since February 2020. He listens to the books using his Alexa device and now has quite a collection.

Cary’s advice to anyone dealing with a similar situation is to not fear surgery. To him, it’s almost like getting a haircut because he’s had so many procedures throughout his lifetime. He’s also a strong believer in seeing the very best doctors and advises everyone to do the same! Cary is especially grateful for the excellent care he has received at Glaucoma Associates of Texas.