Local Resources

Local Resources (Dallas-Fort Worth)

Patients seeking eye care resources throughout the DFW Metro Areas will find programs that provided eye
exams, medical, surgical, and postoperative care necessary to prevent disease progression and blindness.

Eye Care (Adults & Children)

Parkland Self Pay Charity Discount Program

Phone: (214) 590-4900

Provides financial help those that quality for medical services received at Parkland hospital

The Community Eye Clinic in Tarrant County

Phone: (817) 289-6800

Provides routine eye care and eye medications using a reduced fee structure for uninsured

Cedar Springs Eye Clinic in Uptown Dallas

Phone: (214) 528-7354

UH Health Eye Care Center in Dallas is a community based inner-city satellite clinic aiming to serve the eye care needs of those without traditional resources.

Center for Vision Health

Phone: (214) 828-9900

A nonprofit, low-cost eye clinic that provides practical and creative solutions for the visual needs of children, adults, and seniors, with special emphasis on those needing low vision services.

South Dallas Glaucoma Services Clinic by Cure Glaucoma Foundation

Phone: (214) 828-9900

The South Dallas Glaucoma Services Clinic was established so that nonprofit organizations who identify patients with glaucoma at any stage of the disease will have a place to refer patients for treatments regardless of their financial situation. They will be seen by some of the best glaucoma specialists in the world who are familiar with all forms of glaucoma management. The unique aspect of this program is that it provides patients who have been unable to receive care with a treatment path that will prevent vision loss and permanent disability.

Lion’s Sight and Tissue Foundation (Dallas, TX)

Phone: (972) 276 1250

Eyeglasses for needy adults and children not in school; Need referral by LSTF-recognized social worker; Children are eligible for eye exams and glasses by the referral of a school nurse, who should contact LSTF; Exams for kids are held at the Low Vision Clinic (see link); Must have a parent or legal guardian present. You can expect to wait between 2-4 hours on busy days.

Cornerstone Health Services, Charitable Cataract Clinic (Tarrant County and surrounding areas)

Phone: (817) 632-6000

The Cataract Clinic is the nation’s first free cataract facility for the uninsured. Volunteer physicians and ophthalmic staff can treat up to 10 patients per clinic day with the full support of Cornerstone’s trained medical staff.

Community Eye Clinic in Downtown Fort Worth

Phone: (817) 289-6800

UH Health – Eye Care Center in Fort Worth Central is a community based inner-city clinic, aiming to serve the eye care needs of those without traditional resources.

Healing Hands Health

Phone: (214) 221-0855

Healing Hands Health was founded to provide compassionate, accessible, quality medical care to the Dallas community. Their vision center is a federally qualified health center that operates on a sliding scale to provide comprehensive eye care for adults and children 4 years and older.

Children’s Eye Care

Alexander Vision Clinic by Cook Children’s Health Care System (Tarrant County)

Phone: (682) 885-4499

Provides free eye exams‘ and glasses to low-income, uninsured children.

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