Nigeria & Kenya Mission Trips

March 27, 2022

Nigeria & Kenya Mission Trips

Many glaucoma patients in Africa and Asia are greatly underserved. This program is designed to teach qualified ophthalmologists in those countries how to implant the GDD drain and, within 18 months, they will in turn train another physician in their resident country how to do the same. By this process CGF will greatly expand access to effective glaucoma therapy for many people.

GDD’s have become a primary surgical option for some patients and the New World Medical Ahmed Glaucoma Valve is the GDD device of choice because reduces the IOP quickly, has a high level of predictability, and is associated with few postoperative complications.

Our partners who have made these mission trips possible are: New World Medical, Americares, Alcon, Vision Surgical, Surgistar, Diamatrix, BVI, Focus Ophthalmics, UT Southwestern Transplant Services, City Eye Hospital (UHMC), Nairobi, Kenya, Eye Foundation Hospital, Lagos State, Nigeria and finally you, our generous donors!

In March 2022 Cure Glaucoma Foundation was able to complete the final phase of training for (9) physicians during two co-occurring mission trips, one to Kenya and one to Nigeria.

The Kenya team trained and certified (5) GDD physicians. The CGF team members for Kenya were Dr. Alessandro Jammal, Dr. Manjool Shah, Denise Del Rio, Theresa Cook and me.

The first surgery day was 28 March and (16) GDD operations were performed. The next day (7) GDD surgeries were performed.

The physicians certified in Kenya are Dr. Dan Kiage, Dr. Fredrick Korir, Dr. Sheila Marco, Dr. Faith Masila and Dr. Wendy Njoya.

The Nigeria team trained and certified (4) GDD physicians. The CGF team members for Nigeria were: Dr. Tosin Smith, Dr. Lola Idowu and Jennifer Wersal.

In Nigeria, the first surgery day was Sunday, March 27th and 19 surgeries were completed. On Monday, March 28th, 17 surgeries were completed. A total of 36 GDD surgeries were done, including 1 GATT, Tube shortening and Tube repositioning procedures.

The physicians certified in Nigeria are: Dr. Nathaniel Godswill, Dr. Olowolaiyemo Mieriumbe, Dr. Awe Oluwaseun and Dr. Ekumankama Barbara.

A pediatric patient had one eye done and will be coming to Lagos to have the surgery in the other eye under general anesthesia. His surgical materials and post op medications have been given to his physician.

These mission trips were successful because of the cooperation and enthusiastic support we received from the medical supply industry and individual donors. I want to express our deep gratitude for your help in achieving these important goals.

We wish you all the best and thank you for your support.


Mike Kettles
Executive Director

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