Mombasa Mission Trip

June 13, 2022

Mombasa Mission Trip

The mission of the Cure Glaucoma Foundation (CGF) is to improve access to quality care, fund transformational research, and disseminate knowledge through global outreach efforts. As part of its Global Outreach Initiative, CGF recently conducted a medical mission trip to the Lighthouse Eye Centre in Mombasa, Kenya from 13-17 June 2022.

This trip was led by Dr. David Godfrey (Glaucoma Associates), Dr. Brad Bowman (Cornea Associates), Ms. Denise Del Rio (OSCD), Ms. Theresa Cook (OSCD) and Ms. Elilta Williams (OSCD).

The team spent the early part of the week conducting a busy eye clinic filled with glaucoma and cornea patients. Approximately 150 patients were seen and treated both medically and surgically during the week. The youngest patient was a 5-month-old baby girl (who was examined under anesthesia) and the oldest was a 79-year-old man who received an intraocular lens implant.

The patient population that was seen demonstrated how important it is to try to expand access to care in Kenya and beyond. Too many patients were in the advanced stages of glaucoma and this reinforces the goal set by Cure Glaucoma Foundations to train local physicians to care for their patients.

Dr. David Godfrey conducts an eye exam on a young patient.

Dr. David Godfrey discusses a case with Dr. Fredrick Korir, the Medical Director of the Lighthouse Eye Centre. Dr. Korir received advanced training in Glaucoma Drainage Device surgery in March 2022 when CGF visited the City Eye Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya on another mission trip.

Ms. Theresa Cook comforts a patient following surgery.

The OR Team included local physicians and their support team.

Dr. Godfrey checks in with his patient post-surgery.

Dr. Godfrey was accompanied by his three sons who helped in the clinic and then held a soccer camp for local youths.

Dr. Brad Bowman with one of his patients.

Dr. Brad Bowman examines a child with Mom’s help.

Park Cities Baptist Church sponsored Dr. Bowman’s medical mission and sent a team to minister and build a church.

The Church nearing completion means…….
…’s time for wheelbarrow rides!

This mission trip was successful because of the cooperation and enthusiastic assistance we receive from our donors.

We are thankful for the generous support we receive from our individual donors and from the following sponsors: Alcon, Americares, Johnson & Johnson, Mobis Theraputics, BVI, Nova Eye Medical, Diamatrix, Glaucoma Associates of Texas, Glaukos, lridex, New World Medical, The Ophthalmology Surgery Center of Dallas and UTSW Transplant Services Center.

I want to express our deep gratitude to each of you for your thoughtful support.

Mike Kettles
Executive Director

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