Care Can’t Wait – Once vision is lost, it cannot be recovered. Early treatment is essential – loss of vision can be slowed or halted with medical and/or surgical treatment.

Patients who cannot afford to pay often forego treatment, resulting in worsening of glaucoma and vision loss.

  • The average yearly cost of glaucoma care for an adult with newly diagnosed glaucoma or advanced glaucoma is $3,000; for new patients, it can be over $5,000/year.
  • The costs to families of children with glaucoma are complex. They face a lifetime of glaucoma care, as well as financial, educational, social, and emotional needs.

“Children are the most precious resource of families. Children represent the families’ future and their hopes. A blind child is a tragedy for these families. A child whose blindness could have been prevented is an even greater disaster.” (Source: 2000 WHO publication, Report on the Prevention of Blindness)

Many regions of the world face an overwhelming lack of trained doctors and equipment needed to treat glaucoma.

  • Africa averages just one ophthalmologist for every 1.25 million people.
  • 90% of the world’s blind population live in developing countries, where people are 5-10 times more likely to go blind.