The Cure Glaucoma Foundation (CGF) Fellowship Program is designed for ophthalmologists from developing countries to visit Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) in Dallas ( for a period of 1-6 weeks to learn the latest clinical and surgical techniques used to treat glaucoma.  Fellows are then expected to bring the acquired knowledge and skills back to their home countries and take part in programs to preserve vision and prevent blindness.

Applicants may self-fund or scholarships are available, with evidence of a financial hardship, for up to $7,500.00 to cover travel and student style living expenses. The exact amount is subject to the length of stay in the US.

Program Benefits

During the program, fellows will have the opportunity to work with the GAT physicians daily providing exposure to a busy surgical and clinical practice by physicians that have all completed a clinical glaucoma fellowship and have extensive additional training and expertise in the comprehensive management of glaucoma.  Exposure is provided to large variety of surgical procedures including MIGS as well as other devices currently under active investigation.


An Applicant must meet the following requirements to be considered;

  • Residency training must be completed before applying for the Fellowship.
  • The Applicant must be a licensed ophthalmologist involved with the care of glaucoma patients.
  • The Applicant is expected to return to their home country and apply the skill sets acquired during the program.
  • The Applicant must be proficient in English.
International Fellows Application Form

Please complete the International Fellows Application.

You will also need the following documents to submit as part of the application process;

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Scanned copy of Specialist Exam Certificate, Diploma of National Board, Master of Surgery, or equivalent
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Record of Immunizations
  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter of Financial Need or Self Support or Agency Support
  • Visa Documents
International Fellows Program Contact

For enquiries about the International Fellows Program please write, call or email:

Cure Glaucoma Foundation
Attn: International Fellows Program
10740 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75231


You will need a Visa to travel to the United States. Please follow the links provided to apply for a Visa and to find a U.S Embassy near you.

To apply for a Visa:

To find a U.S Embassy:

Financial Matters

Please notify your bank that you will be traveling abroad. Upon arrival, it is important that you have U.S dollars and a credit card with you as various forms of payment may be required when making purchases or using local transportation.

Housing and Meals

The grant you receive will pay for housing during your stay and you will receive a stipend for meals with any remaining grant allowance.


Travel to the United States will be covered under the CGF International Fellowship Program grant. However, local transportation outside of scheduled program activities (to and from the Glaucoma Associates of Texas Office) may be needed.  There are taxis, DART buses, UBER, and several other transportation services for your convenience.


A way to communicate with physicians and office is a must. You may bring your own personal phone or purchase a local plan here in the U.S.A. If you choose to purchase a phone plan here, there are several convenient locations.

CDC Health Information

Travel Health Information from the CDC is available at