After graduating from college, Mr. Kettles wrote and edited software for Com Code in Ann Arbor, Ml. In 1983, he joined the Navy and, after training, moved to Jacksonville, FL where he flew S-3B Vikings from NAS Cecil Field and from aircraft carriers based on the East Coast. Following this tour, he was an instructor pilot. In August of 1987 during a flight physical, it was discovered that he had glaucoma. The news was unnerving for him but the timing was a blessing in that treatment could begin. He had just finished training, and the Navy allowed him to continue flying under a waiver.

Mr. Kettles met his wife Michele, a Navy physician, in Jacksonville, FL. When he left the Navy in 1993, he opened a UPS Store. When Michele left the Navy in 1995, they moved to Kentucky so she could enter the Residency Program in Preventive Medicine at the University of Kentucky. When Michele joined the Cooper Clinic in 1998, they settled in Dallas with their two children.

Mr. Kettles is proud to serve as the Cure Glaucoma Advisory Board president, stating, “The goal established by Cure Glaucoma to relieve human suffering represents an opportunity I feel privileged to support. I hope to find a path to help those with the technical expertise to achieve this important goal. I certainly admire the vision at GAT to reach beyond our own lives and help people who have so few advocates.”