Mrs. Hartman is a CPA and an audit partner at Grant Thornton LLP focused in the financial services and real estate industries.  She started her career at Arthur Andersen and served a brief stint as an Assistant Controller at a promotional products company before joining Grant Thornton in 2003.

At the age of 6, what started as a simple eye doctor visit because of trouble seeing the board at school turned into a lifelong process of glaucoma treatment.  Amanda was fortunate to see an ophthalmologist who took nothing for granted despite her having no family history of glaucoma and she was referred to Dr. Lynn along with his (then) fellow, Dr. Fellman.

Several surgeries, multiple eye drops and many visual fields later she is under the care of Dr. Grover and her glaucoma is under control. Amanda said, “I have been blessed with exceptional doctors and uninterrupted access to medical care. It’s easy to take for granted the process that brought me to this point or to complain about the numerous doctor visits, scans, pictures, tests, surgeries, etc. – but in truth, I wouldn’t have my vision and my way of life without all of that. So I’m honored to be part of an organization that provides the same chances I was afforded to those less fortunate.”

Mrs. Hartman and her husband Richard live with our 7-year old son, Ian, in Dallas. They are Mavericks season ticket holders and enjoy traveling as much as possible as a family.