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CGF Board Member Steve Love awarded the The Millard J. and Robert L. Heath Award

The Millard J. and Robert L. Heath Award, named in honor of the combined service and exemplary stewardship of Millard J. and Robert L. Heath, former DCMS chief executive officers, recognizes and honors a layperson who has provided outstanding leadership and service to medicine and to the community of Dallas. Read More: https://www.cureglaucoma.org/wp-content/uploads/Cure-Glaucoma-Fund-Steve-Love-Award-Announcement.pdf

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Looking Back: Ijebu Surgical Training Mission


Last month, November 7, 2020, marks the 1 year anniversary of the day we all gathered in the photo above in Ijebu to perform your hands-on surgical training.

At this point,

  • All surgeons are certified, with one of them being a master trainer herself.
  • All scrub techs are certified
  • All surgeon/ techs have performed additional cases
  • A new class of 18 trainees from 2 countries are identified and currently in training.
  • We have 7 additional glaucoma specialist join us as trainers. With our 1st generation surgeons to join us at the 2nd surgical training event. They will be the future trainers in Nigeria.
  • Four 2nd generation surgeons are receiving mentorship and 3 have performed case/s and are in the new class of trainees
  • 3 surgeons have ordered additional implants from the NWM program.
  • 1 Poster presentation at the West African College of Surgeons Annual meeting February 2020.
  • All patients in the pilot who had surgery still have their implants except one that was explanted due to plate exposure. (results to follow).
  • Tube shunt surgery has gone from a surgery done by only 2-3 surgeons in Nigeria (Popn 170M) to one that is available in 3X as many more capable hands.

To EVERYONE who has participated in the process in various ways, Thank you for staying the course and for all you have done. We are thankful to the Eye foundation hospital and it’s staff for partnering with us on this pilot.

As Dr. Lola Idowu would say, ”We did it”, I would want to add “ Together!”.

Indeed, Never say Never.

Congratulations! 🥂

Dr. Tosin Smith

Our Partners:

  • New World Medical
  • Eye Foundation Hospital, Lagos. Nigeria
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Cure Glaucoma Foundation and it’s supportive donors.



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North Texas Tissue Donors Aiding Others Around the World


This is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared on the UT Southwestern Medical Center website. To view the article in it’s entirety, please click on the “Read More” link at the bottom of the page.

Transplant Services Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center recently provided 46 ocular allografts for transplant to support two Dallas area ophthalmologists as they conducted a medical mission trip to Mombasa, Kenya. C. Bradley Bowman, M.D., and Oluwatosin “Tosin” Smith, M.D., spent six days in Mombasa at the Lighthouse Eye Centre where they performed a number of ocular surgical procedures.

The Lighthouse Eye Centre was founded in 1969 by Bill Ghrist, M.D., an ophthalmologist from California. Today the Eye Centre is a modern clinic and surgical center that saw 32,217 patients and performed 2,118 surgeries in 2015. Besides walk-in and appointment clinics in Mombasa, the center sends out teams to provide ocular health care in rural areas surrounding the city. Many doctors and health care professionals from around the world visit for up to three weeks at a time to assist the local staff.

The Lighthouse Eye Centre is located on Tudor Creek, the smaller harbor of Mombasa, less than two miles from the Indian Ocean. Its mission includes a strong Christian evangelical outreach.

Dr. Bowman, a corneal specialist, and Dr. Smith, a glaucoma specialist, joined forces on a mission trip two years ago. While Dr. Smith is a veteran of nine medical mission trips to western Africa, this was her first trip to Mombasa. Dr. Bowman is member of the Board of Directors for the Lighthouse Eye Centre, and has made six trips to the mission over the past 16 years. [Read More].

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