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North Texas Tissue Donors Aiding Others Around the World


This is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared on the UT Southwestern Medical Center website. To view the article in it’s entirety, please click on the “Read More” link at the bottom of the page.

Transplant Services Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center recently provided 46 ocular allografts for transplant to support two Dallas area ophthalmologists as they conducted a medical mission trip to Mombasa, Kenya. C. Bradley Bowman, M.D., and Oluwatosin “Tosin” Smith, M.D., spent six days in Mombasa at the Lighthouse Eye Centre where they performed a number of ocular surgical procedures.

The Lighthouse Eye Centre was founded in 1969 by Bill Ghrist, M.D., an ophthalmologist from California. Today the Eye Centre is a modern clinic and surgical center that saw 32,217 patients and performed 2,118 surgeries in 2015. Besides walk-in and appointment clinics in Mombasa, the center sends out teams to provide ocular health care in rural areas surrounding the city. Many doctors and health care professionals from around the world visit for up to three weeks at a time to assist the local staff.

The Lighthouse Eye Centre is located on Tudor Creek, the smaller harbor of Mombasa, less than two miles from the Indian Ocean. Its mission includes a strong Christian evangelical outreach.

Dr. Bowman, a corneal specialist, and Dr. Smith, a glaucoma specialist, joined forces on a mission trip two years ago. While Dr. Smith is a veteran of nine medical mission trips to western Africa, this was her first trip to Mombasa. Dr. Bowman is member of the Board of Directors for the Lighthouse Eye Centre, and has made six trips to the mission over the past 16 years. [Read More].

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Providing Care.


Cure Glaucoma works tirelessly around the world to provide care and treatment for those suffering from glaucoma. Take a look at this article about our most recent trip to Kenya, along with some pictures…

9,000 Miles from Home – Cure Glaucoma’s Recent Trip to Africa

On the east coast of Africa, positioned along the Indian Ocean, is the town of Mombasa in Kenya.It sits approximately 9,000 miles from Dallas, Texas, a long way from home and the things we all find familiar. Yet that is where the Cure Glaucoma team went.

Consisting of Cure Glaucoma volunteers, Dr. Tosin Smith of Glaucoma Associates of Texas and her family, along with Surgical Tech Denise Delrio and Dr. Bradley Bowman of Cornea Associates, the team traveled to bring much-needed help to the people of Kenya.  They spent a week at the Lighthouse Eye Centre caring for patients, teaching staff and physicians, and performing surgery on patients with complex glaucoma and corneal diseases.

Founded in 1969 by Bill Ghrist, MD – an ophthalmologist from California – The Lighthouse Eye Center is a modern medical clinic and surgery center which not only takes care of patients on a walk-in and appointment basis but also sends out teams to provide care in the rural areas of Kenya. The Center is accustomed to volunteers, as many doctors and healthcare professionals from around the world choose to visit and volunteers their services for up to 3 weeks in order to assist the local staff.

Cure Glaucoma’s trip to Kenya was planned over the course of several months, and volunteers were delighted to finally make it to their destination. On arrival in Mombasa, after a day of unpacking and preparing for work, patient care started early on Monday morning with consultations on complex cases and scheduling of surgeries.

Before the team arrived, Dr. Matende, the medical director at the Center, and his team had previously screened patients and scheduled consultations and surgeries.  The daily routine was to see patients in the morning and then spend the afternoon in surgery. It was very inspiring to have Ms. Delrio assisting in surgery, as she was familiar with the complex cases and able to share her experiences with the operating room staff.  People of all ages and backgrounds were treated.  It was exciting to be able to not only treat patients but also to transfer skills to the staff and work closely with Dr. Ibrahim Matende and his physician colleagues.

During the team’s time there, many glaucoma surgeries were performed, along with cornea transplants. Dr. Tosin Smith said, “The staff was great! We loved them – they were very helpful, hardworking and willing to learn new things. It really  was  a  joy  to  be  able  to  do  so  many  procedures  that  had  never  been  performed  in  Kenya  before!”

There were many cases that made an impression on the team, but one in particular that stood out was the three-month-old girls whose medical situation had initially been misdiagnosed. Unlike most cases, her eyes were relatively normal sized, and when tested was able to follow the movement of light. However, Dr. Smith and Dr. Bowman had the opportunity to perform two procedures, and were able to save her eyesight! Plus, reports from Dr. Matende state that all of the patients were doing well at their post-operative visits.

“It  was  a  privilege  to  represent  Cure  Glaucoma’s  global outreach  mission  and  be  part  of  this  humanitarian  journey  to  give  sight  back  to members  of  a  faraway  community,” said Dr. Tosin Smith.  “The  active  support  for  Cure  Glaucoma  Foundation  from  individual  donors,  foundations and businesses made  this  happen.  We  could  not  have  done  this  without  you,  and  the  impact  of  your  giving  is  truly  changing  lives.”

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Pioneering Research.


At Cure Glaucoma, we are dedicated to pioneering research for the cure and treatment of Glaucoma. Here is one of the most recent research projects that Cure Glaucoma has been involved with…

Finding the Cause – Glaucoma Associates of Texas and North Texas Eye Research Institute Research

What actually causes glaucoma?

Why do some patients who have undergone trabeculectomy fare better than others?

In order to answer these questions and more, the Cure Glaucoma Foundation recently funded a study with Glaucoma Associates of Texas (GAT) and North Texas Eye Research Institute (NTERI).

GAT is a glaucoma practice dedicated to preventing blindness from glaucoma and simultaneously is an integral part of the Cure Glaucoma Foundation.

NTERI is a top-notch ophthalmic research institute out of the North Texas Science Center with the capability to evaluate the molecular components of the eye, especially in reference to glaucoma and the healing of wounds related to glaucoma surgical procedures.

The Study

In essence this study – headed up by Dr. Ron Fellman and in conjunction with the researchers at NTERI – will explore the specific factors and molecules related to the causes of glaucoma, along with wound healing associated with glaucoma surgery.

This joint research project between GAT and NTERI has the opportunity to create a unique blend of scientific and clinical skills in order to solve the puzzle of glaucoma and at the same time, potentially afford better wound healing associated with glaucoma procedures, thereby increasing the success of glaucoma surgery.

Bridging the Gap

This study is an extremely exciting prospect, which may help to bridge the gap in areas where research is deficient in the science of glaucoma and its treatments. The Cure Glaucoma Foundation is fortunate to have the opportunity to combine the knowledge of the amazing doctors at GAT with the dedication of the award winning researchers at NTERI in this endeavor, and looks forward to major medical advancements in the field of glaucoma in the near future.

For more information on the Cure Glaucoma Foundation, visit, and to learn more about NTERI, visit unthsc.eud.healthintitutue.

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Preserving Livelihood.


Through research and care, Cure Glaucoma is working to preserve the livelihood of those living with glaucoma. We are able to do this through our excellent programs:

Accessible Patient Care

We provide care to needy patients at risk of delaying necessary glaucoma care [Read More…].

Transformational Research

We fund pioneering research aimed at identifying novel treatments with potential to transform glaucoma care in adults and children worldwide [Read More…].

International Outreach

We procure essential equipment for clinics in poor, underserved countries and we train local doctors to provide quality glaucoma care [Read More…].

Click the links above to learn more about each of our programs – and for various ways to get involved, please visit our Support Page.

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